Right time, right place

Emerald Carrying Company was one of the first companies to sign up for the book, and they were almost the last ones to be photographed! But luck was on my side while I was in town. It was cotton harvest time and there were trucks loaded with cotton everywhere you looked. In a phone call or two I had the details of a transport company who carted cotton. Literally 10 minutes later I was jumping in a car with a bloke, getting a 101 lesson in cotton and heading out to some crops to photograph the process and trucks being loaded.

The next day I finished the photo shoot with Emerald Carrying Company, but not before I had lunch with a lovely girl I teach. I then made the long trip back to Brisbane to catch a plane to Sydney. I took the fastest route by km, but probably not the fasted route by driving time. Yep 300km of dirt road through stations in the dark was not fun. But I would love to do it again as I think the scenery would be amazing. (My full beam lights are pretty good and I got the feeling this place was cool!). A few storms saw me crawling along at 20km an hour as I couldn’t see 5 meters in front of me, so I ended up calling it quits at Toowoomba and I stayed at a friend’s place.

It was quite convenient as I didn’t have a baby sitter for Barney, but the neighbors of where I was staying loved him and I knew they would look after him while I was in Sydney. I had an early start, as usual, and headed next door to ask the favor. No one was up, but the back door was open…..I looked at Barney and he looked at me and I put him down and he knew exactly where to go.

The next minute I hear “BARNEY!” as he jumps on Joey’s bed. Joey carried him into Annette’s room and woke her up. I don’t know who was more excited, them or Barney! Barney was home and he knew it. I bundled his bed and belongings up, handed them to Annette, gave Barney a kiss and was off. He didn’t care less! He was home and knew he would be fed like a human and sleeping on the bed every night!

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