How did this get here? 

What had to occur to end up with the finished product?

What things in my life that I use daily do not get transported by truck? 

Reality is, trucks and the transportation of goods and services impact all of us. But our lack of awareness and appreciation for this sees us place truck drivers at the bottom of the importance and socio economic list. 

Kids go to school and talk proudly about what their parents do for a living and when "truck driver" comes up, teachers often shun it as the only time we hear about trucks in the media is when things go wrong. So kids grow up thinking they are bad.

But consider the bigger picture- if we didn't have them, how would you have your car, the clothes you wear, the food you eat, The fuel you put in your car, the bed you sleep in and so on.

It's simple, trucks are integral, they are here to stay so instead of complaining about them, how about we gain a better understanding of their importance to society, and secondly learn to drive more appropriately in their presence. Truck drivers are the minority, yet you rely so heavily on them, so perhaps a little more consideration is needed from us as the general public in order to find that happy medium.

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