Launching Al Mabin into the US

It can be a daunting experience going to a foreign country to start a business. But the support of TIQ and AACC has been integral in helping me launch my business in the US and made the transition far smoother than if I had done it on my own.

As a unique company- a self published and self distributed author of two books through channels other than book shops, it can be hard to establish appointments with businesses who are not in the business of selling books, but have the clientele that are interested in my products. Namely agriculture and transport related industries. TIQ and AACC helped me connect with the right people to hear my unique story and see the opportunity for doing business with me, whether that be using my products as corporate gifts or selling them in their shops.

Many of the meetings TIQ and AACC set up have lead to other doors opening. Connections with other people and more unique avenues for distribution of my books along with opportunities for producing similar products about the US agriculture and transport industries in the future.

My business was the first of its kind for TIQ and AACC to support in establishing and they went above and beyond to put on a launch for me and seek out the right type of contacts to attend who think outside the box as I do. The way David and Toni work together to conduct joint meetings sees solid networks developed and opportunities for collaboration between like minded business people for the long term.

I will continue to promote and connect both TIQ and AACC with people from my network that would benefit from being involved with both businesses and who have lots to offer TIQ and AACC. I would be only too happy to support with any media or photography related content they need in the future.

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